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Photo Tapestry

foto tapiz personalizado


It is the latest in decorating with pictures. One way to apply photographs to decorate with exquisite elegance. Make a custom wallpaper with your photo or image you want. The photo is printed on canvas, then cosemos around the perimeter and let a few pods up and down to place two aluminum rods that come with the product.

foto tapiz personalizado

Easy placement. The carpet takes up in the back several escarpias with eyelets for hanging and, depending on size, without using blocks.

personalized photo tapestry

The tapestry print is ideal for decorating with photos to large sizes. Both for its simplicity in terms of placement, as the lower cost compared with traditional large format paintings.

Our technical textile printing lets you print your photo on canvas or image you want with the highest quality.

Printing on canvas is washable cold as any printed material. It is resistant, in addition to water and light rubbing andalusia. So another advantage of our photo wallpaper is that you can support him, a piece of furniture or other decorative items, without fear that the image will deteriorate.

Enjoy the best works of art in your living room and carpet in the form of

personalized photo tapestry

Enjoy "The Lady with Ermine" by Leonardo da Vinci, in your living room to a size that even the Duke Ludovico Sforza was able to do. This and many other images of classic works of art or photographs, are available in our gallery. That we are a resource available to you thinking of applying to the decoration of photos.


You can choose to print the fabric as you want, up to 240 cm for the lower side. Once the size and load the image, framed our online allows you to adjust your taste to the frame of the picture size chosen wallpaper for your photo.

Your photos in a custom wallpaper: some ideas

The photo-printing on our carpet has multiple applications for decorating with photos. Here are some ideas, but surely you can find some other application.

personalized photo tapestry


Approximate delivery time is 12 working days.

‹‹ Return Price From:92.00 € Costs:45.50 €
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