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Photos on custom tables: Tables in Fine Art Giclée methyl silicone

Pictures in frames custom: Fine Art Paintings methyl silicone Giclée


Mounting photographs methyl silicone is one of the techniques used in the presentation of contemporary photographic work.

The photo printed adheres andalusia methacrylate (3mm singing and mate) with crystalline silicon using a completely handmade process. The silicone is between a photo and methacrylate, creating a "magnifying effect" that highlights and gives depth to the picture. Also avoids the appearance of bubbles or dirt between the photo and methacrylate, a very common failure in the assemblies with methacrylate.

Fine Art Print is Giclée used for reproduction of photographic and artistic work. The technique of inkjet printing with pigment is highly resistant to natural light. Photo paper we use the highest quality.

Behind the photo is protected with a sheet of forex (expanded PVC) of 3 mm. The picture is thus in a sandwich between the methacrylate and forex.

Mount options for photography. The detail

Our photographic methyl silicone tables are designed to hang on pot, as if the photo fleets. That is why we offer a rear rack that separates the work of the wall.

Pictures in frames custom: Fine Art Paintings methyl silicone Giclée

However, for those that want to hang or otherwise have thought about framing, we offer the possibility to buy it without the rear rack.

The details:

In the kitchen we like Digital caring details. So the option we choose the color of the rear plate forex (white or black), as does the picture or the environment in which they will be exposed.

Pictures in frames custom: Fine Art Paintings methyl silicone Giclée

Format Options

You can mount your photos on methyl silicone in three different formats and sizes 5 each.

Pictures in frames custom: Fine Art Paintings methyl silicone Giclée

Why methacrylates silicones Digital Kitchen methacrylates are better than others

  • - Mounting with crystalline silicon: highlights and gives the picture depth. Avoid bubbles and dirt between the photo and methacrylate.
  • - Fine Art Printing Giclée the highest quality specifically for photographic work.
  • - Top quality materials.
  • - Option to choose color for the rear end.
  • - Finish watching craft details.


Approximate delivery time is 17 working days.

‹‹ Return Price From:82.00 € Costs:30.00 €
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