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Print on Metallic finished Aluminum

Print on Metallic finished Aluminum


The picture is directly printed on a 2 mm thick aluminum plate. The color of the aluminum in which the photo is printed is metallic. When illuminated directly, aluminum creates light reflections in the areas of the image without printing or that have very light tones. The end result is surprisingly modern industrial look. The results is astonishing especially with images with light backgrounds, white areas or contrasts. This material is recommended for when you want to achieve this effect and thought to be exposed in spaces with bright light or direct light.

Warning: When printing on aluminium with metallic finishing , we will be printing on a darker background that the white one of most of the standard materials as paper or canvas. This will alter the image tones darkening the image and contrast. To counteract this effect and in order to highlight the metallic effect, we increase the light and contrast of the image as it may required.

In the back of the plate we can optionally mount a wooden frame for hanging, which gives the impression that it is floating.

Print on Metallic finished Aluminum

High quality printing on rigid materials

We use a special printing machine, which prints directly on the substrate. using UVI high resistance inks, which are designed to stand the outdoor exposure of the worst weather conditions. Our printing technology, while achieving a high endurance to light, water or rubbing, is able to reproduce a wide color gamut.


You can choose between different formats and sizes.

Once the product is chosen, you´ll be able to move, zoom or rotate the picture in order at your best like with our framing tool that will automatically open on the web

Print on Metallic finished Aluminum, options


Approximate delivery time is 12 working days.

‹‹ Return Price From:105.00 € Costs:30.00 €
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