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Why are paintings of the Digital Kitchen cloths are better than others?

Why the canvas of the Digital Kitchen cloths are better than others

When image matters

When you decide to print your picture on canvas is because that picture is important for you: a special moment you want to keep, a gift for someone special, it's your own art work, it is a special image to personalized the decoration of your living room,... Or just because you love that picture.

When image matters

But, do you know that not all canvas prints that are offered in the market are the same?

Sometimes you may experience problems:

  • - Problems with image quality, dule colours, lack of sharpness, lack of definition, banding produced by poor printing,...
  • - Problems of endurance, such as colour fading when exposed to sun light, inks that come off with friction,... Did you know that not all canvas prints are water resistant and that some of them can get damage while they get cleaned?

The printing technologies that give more print endurance usually produce a shorter and duller colour gamut.

The solution: Our new canvas printing technology

Why the canvas of the Digital Kitchen cloths are better than others

Our new canvas printing system Print & Heat from La Cocina Digital achieves maximum print resistance without compromising print quality and colour.

The print is made with special inks. Once printed, the canvas is treated at 200 º C temperature to set the image to the canvas.

While in usual printing techniques, the ink is deposited on the canvas with more or less grip to it, our Print & Heat system gasifies both the pigment molecule and the canvas substrate, and when cooled down, the pigment gets encapsulated into the of canvas substrate molecule.

Why the canvas of the Digital Kitchen cloths are better than others

Advantages: Resistance and superior printing quality

Superior Colour

Why the canvas of the Digital Kitchen cloths are better than others

The new Print & Heat canvas printing system gets an unsurpassed colour quality

Superior friction resistance

Why the canvas of the Digital Kitchen cloths are better than others

While other canvas prints can be damage by brush, our Print & Heat canvas makes the ink doesn’t come off, even if you scratch with hard metal objects, like a key. With our canvas you will avoid a common issue as it is that the print comes off the folds at the corners of the stretcher.

Superior resistance to water

Why the canvas of the Digital Kitchen cloths are better than others

Up to date the different canvas printing technologies are more or less resistant to water. Our Print & Heat

Further advantages of our canvas prints

  • - Extraordinary resistance to light: we produce canvas prints with high resistance to light. You can even hang your canvas print on a exterior terrace.
  • - No need to varnish the incredible resistance of our canvas prints do not need any treatment, such as varnish, so the fabric keeps its colour and natural feel.
  • - We took the most of your picture: Before printing, and when the picture requires it, we digitally work the image, improving all the deficiencies we see in terms of tone, colour saturation, lighting, contrast, focus, etc.
  • - Prints at the size you want: In our standard product you can choose between 3 formats each with 5 sizes, but you can choose the size cm by cm if your decoration needs requires it.
  • - Split one image into 2, 3 or four stretched canvas +INFO
  • - Order your photo on canvas through internet has never been easier: Meet our online framer. It will automatically opened after selecting the product and uploading your picture and will let you see how the image adapts to the selected product, permitting you to crop, zoom, rotate, ...It will also be alerting you if your picture lacks resolution. Finally, In the case of stretched canvas prints It let you choose between placing the picture wrapping the stretcher, or place all the image in the front side and choose a colour for the part of the canvas that will be wrapping the stretcher.

The canvas of choice for professionals

For these reasons our canvas printing service is the best choice among the professionals:

  • - Photographers, illustrators, digital artists to print their works for sale.
  • - Interior designers and decoration or architecture studies.
  • - Decoration of public spaces like hotels, restaurants, bars,...

To learn more about stretched canvas in standard sizes +INFO

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