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Projects decoration picture

sofa amapolas


Decorating with photos

In La Cocina Digital specialize in implementing projects in decorative images.

Our services cover the entire process from the conceptual stage of development of visual concepts, to the placement in space to decorate.

Images to decorate

sofa pez armario

In the Digital Kitchen can help you develop visual concepts through the application of images to decorate. We have a large bank of images and can also offer the services of a varied group of photographers, illustrators and artists to develop unique images for your project.

image galery

Printing & Finishing

We offer printing services on a wide variety of materials:

  • Printing on canvas
  • Printing on Aluminum
  • Printing on methacrylate
  • Printing different fabrics for decoration
  • Printing on PVC (vinyl and forex)
  • Printing on photo paper

Each is available with different finishes

Our clients

We work for the best professionals in the decoration, architecture and interior design studios, artists, photographers and illustrators, including of course for individuals.

Require our services for the decoration of hotels, restaurants, shops, public spaces, private homes, etc..

hilton toledo
Brocade fabric printing for the Hilton Hotel Buena Vista (Toledo)
Aluminum printing shop decoration

Budget Request

Simply click on this link in an email and tell us what you need.

The more details of us, the easier we will give you the quote: Sizes, quantities, finishes, or if you require that you do not provide images, where guidance on the type and the same Estill, etc..


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